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Knoll Workspace Research Library

Branding System + Applications
Identity, Poster, Business Cards
Spring 2020

Conceptual rebrand of Knoll's Workspace Research Library (KWRL), focused on illustrating the connections between furniture & technology in a fun and funky way. The rebrand applies the new identity system to its logo, business cards, and posters.

A Constellation
Harmony / Modernity / Technology

“Because technology has a shorter lifespan than furniture, it is especially important that the furniture we design is adaptable to any scenario. It must, therefore, work by itself as well as in combination with technology, as well as our lifestyles.”

Characteristics of importance to this mark are the ideas of collaboration, adaptability, and efficiency, reducing the disconnect between individuals and technology.

This branding system is modular: it uses the combination of three aesthetics that are meant to be combined together to reflect the scope of the company: the overlaps between technology and its integration into furniture at which we work.

Typeface: Figeroa Medium

Pushing Aesthetics:
1+2+3 System

1. Three dimensionality of furniutureLetters are set in Knoll Turquoise. Letters can be rotated on their X, Y, and Z axis. This is meant to reflect the adaptability of furniture, in a fun and playful way.

2. Electricity: typographic lightning bolts.
3. The Screen / Technology
Letters are treated with a stroke pattern, meant to digitize them and create the sense that they are being viewed on an active screen—as well as to represent a blurred line between work and life.

Electricity + Screen / Technology:

Screen + Electricity + Three Dimensional Letters

With all the marks combined, usually only one letter, either K, W, R, or W is three dimensional in each case Letters can be applied to a black background as long as they are outlined, to increase contrast.

Business Cards:

KWRL Engage Furniture with Technology Poster