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Hi! ︎ My name is Etienne. I’m a half-French, New Orleans native, and a recent graduate of Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) with a BFA in Graphic Design. I’m currently based in New York, ︎ working at FIAF, The French Institute Alliance Française in Manhattan.

In my ︎ personal work, I enjoy exploring alternative methods of communicating the significance of our everyday lives.

 ︎︎︎1. FIAF︎︎︎︎

FIAF’s Bastille Day Celebration

Identity for the French Institute’s Bastille Day Celebration on Madison Avenue, NYC.

street banner, posters, web & digital assets

Jul 2022

Language Center Campaigns

Postcard, Winter & Spring campaign

Dec 2021—Apr 2022

Happy Holidays from FIAF—Joyeuses Fêtes!

Animated Holiday Card
Dec 2021

See the video here.

Mobile Programs—Cultural Events

for various FIAF programmation, including film screenings, performances, and festivals.

Crossing The Line

Trailer, animated logo, kakemono, mobile & house programs

Sep 2021

View the trailer here.

︎︎︎2. Ogden Museum︎︎︎︎

Ogden Museum of Southern Art

Web, Print, & Social
Summer 2020

Graphics for the Summer Membership Drive and layout for the Louisiana Contemporary (LAC) catalog for the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, New Orleans, LA.

Web + Social Media

Louisiana Contemporary (LAC) Exhibition Catalog

View the e-catalog on the museum’s website here.


I Want to Remember Everything

Installation, booklets, various formats 
May 2021

I Want to Remember Everything is an archive of writing, files, and illustrations over the course of four years, meant to challenge the ways in which we document our experience of the world.

A celebration of every day life, the series of perfect-bound and saddle stitched booklets encourage alternative reading experiences.

Check out the Trailer here.

Reading on Accessibility

Saddle-Stitched Booklet
5.8 × 8.3 (A5)

Dec 2020

A self-written guidebook that questions the ways in which we communicate, read, and transmit information.

The Map of Everywhere

Fold-out Publication (27 × 39 in.)
May 2019

Through a symphony of color, image, and text, the large fold-out publication envisions a new way of depicting our relationship to the most significant places in our lives.